Does the media cause toxic relationships?

I was thinking back to when I was literally obsessed with MSN and would get really excited over some emails; whereas, now the idea of having a cell phone has become a life changing experience. All aspects of our relationships are overwhelmingly based on our social media communications. How many times has it been that you are talking to people on Instagram to people, you do not even know? I feel that is an important topic that needs to be addressed, as I have realized how alienated have we became from the real world. Are these relationships even real? Continue reading


Love Is A Leap of Faith… A Walk To Remember

A Walk to Remember (2002) is a growing to become yourself story loosely based on the Nicholas Sparks novel. When you first watch the movie, you would realise what every viewer would notice, that the ending is a predictable story of a girl making a boy change, “for the better.” ( That is what Landon is living for, right?)

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The Stupor

The first thing that comes to my mind from the word ‘trance’ is the poem written by Carol Ann Duffy called ‘Havisham.’  This trance led to the persona having no expectations for her future, not being able to resurface from drowning in the dark murky water or even having the will to live. You believe that there is nothing in life for you, for I can imagine if one is jilted on their wedding day, they wish  (be it,  for reputation or pride) that they would be struck by lightening and cease to exist in this world.  The family and friends that were rejoicing for your happiness are the same one that cut you off their affections so fast that you could not even feel the devastation of what happened. You feel nothing. The constant titter and tatter that surrounds yourself does not even faze you because you can no longer can hear anything, besides the voice inside your head that reasons against logic that ‘you will never live again.’

Time will pass but, you will remain the same individual that has not changed by that incident. You are still figuratively wearing that dress on for the rest of your life.

[Living in a trance is when you wish something that would be different, but I think waking up from that stupor is the only way you recognise that there is always a path to move forward. Accepting the past is the only way forward.]

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Life As We Know It Is A Puzzle

The purpose to life is something that we constantly are questioning and is almost like a puzzle piece that can never be fixed. We believe that we will find these pieces through the celebrity figures that we idealise or the movies that we watch; but, I feel that nothing is being developed in this picture. The image is all fuzzy and unclear, leading to my realisation that we can never fulfil our desires in this road.

“Bright eyes and full hearts” (FNL)


There’s a beauty in seeing yourself in someones’ eyes. It captivates you and makes you strive to be someone that you thought you never could be. You want to be that person and will do anything to be that successful. Rather than striving for perfection, try to be better than that image that you see yourself becoming. Growth develops alongside your life, especially in the most difficult of situations. That is when you know who you truly are.

Death and security

To me, life has no security. We can always try to act like nothing holds us down; at the back of our heads, we know that when our time on this Earth ends,  we have no control over what is going to happen.  Security is an illusion that has become a way from us forgetting the reality of our time in this world; this justifies the way we buy insignificant keepsakes, that will amount to nothing at the end.  How will money protect us after death? What happens after death?

But this photograph reflects what security is to me – it is hope – the light that helps me to have faith. Whenever there is a storm awakening, this glimmer of light is almost like a promise. To have faith in humanity. Faith in love. Faith in this world and how one day, whatever one is suffering from, they can overcome this. To me, security is not something that is a part of us everyday, because it is in our nature to doubt. We sometimes lose ourselves in a path that we do not want to take – the path on this broken road is only fixed when that light shines down on me.