Does the media cause toxic relationships?

I was thinking back to when I was literally obsessed with MSN and would get really excited over some emails; whereas, now the idea of having a cell phone has become a life changing experience. All aspects of our relationships are overwhelmingly based on our social media communications. How many times has it been that you are talking to people on Instagram to people, you do not even know? I feel that is an important topic that needs to be addressed, as I have realized how alienated have we became from the real world. Are these relationships even real? Continue reading “Does the media cause toxic relationships?”

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Mending a Broken Heart: The One That Got Away


 We know they are bad for us, but we choose to see the best in people.  

Heartbreak. The topic that everyone dreads; the word that leaves a sour taste in our mouth but, I have got to break the ice and admit that it is not always all bad. Heartbreak is like that brain freeze moment when you cannot think… do …. feel anything. However, my point is that this symptom is short term, when that blood starts circulating in our brain again, we know that everything will work out for the better.  Stay positive 😀

Continue reading “Mending a Broken Heart: The One That Got Away”

Death and security

To me, life has no security. We can always try to act like nothing holds us down; at the back of our heads, we know that when our time on this Earth ends,  we have no control over what is going to happen.  Security is an illusion that has become a way from us forgetting the reality of our time in this world; this justifies the way we buy insignificant keepsakes, that will amount to nothing at the end.  How will money protect us after death? What happens after death?

But this photograph reflects what security is to me – it is hope – the light that helps me to have faith. Whenever there is a storm awakening, this glimmer of light is almost like a promise. To have faith in humanity. Faith in love. Faith in this world and how one day, whatever one is suffering from, they can overcome this. To me, security is not something that is a part of us everyday, because it is in our nature to doubt. We sometimes lose ourselves in a path that we do not want to take – the path on this broken road is only fixed when that light shines down on me.

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