♥ Are we really searching for something that can never be found? ♥

After reading, endless romance novels that make us feel  blissful, we begin to wonder when this will happen to us?  How many of us are searching for our very own Heathcliff?

Perhaps a women’s fatal flaw is making a forever out of people that were never really ours to begin with.

Research from the O.N.S. suggests that 1/3 of women are feeling lonely and even when they are in a relationship, they never felt satisfied.  Have we become so consumed in searching for these preconceived characteristics of a person that we cannot see beyond what we really have.

You are probably wondering what are the key characteristics that we are searching for? Studies have suggested that this dissatisfaction of life is interlinked with the literature and movies that women watch.

  1. A Man That Does Not Match Our Parent’s Expectations

Admit it, how many of us have tried to date someone that our parents would never accept?  Knowing this image would remain at the forefront of your parent’s mind, they would automatically be like “Hey, he is better than the last one!” Yes, you evil teenagers out there, we ALL know exactly why you did this. Not that I blame you.

Now this is a question I always wonder, why is it that women even after their rebellious times feel the need to make sure they would never fit their categories. #rebelliouswomen Is this in some weird, twisted way, an attack against patriarchy? #feminist

These men will never tie you down economically and allow you to become independent. Is this the thing that we are searching for in a man?

2. He is someone that we must hate : After All There’s A Fine Line Between Love and Hate, Right?  Truthfully, only those few lucky individuals would be able to relate to this.

The first thing that came into my head was 10 Things I Hate About You

Which one of you watched this and thought this is ridiculous, that annoying troublemaker in my primary school will always remain evil! Comment below, if somehow, that same troublemaker is your forever. I don’t think this could be true, but hey what do I know about love?

3. He Has A Mysterious, Dark Past.  To all those girls out there, why does this appeal to us? Can we change him? I think not.

Alongside, this dark mysterious past, I bet he has the worst mood swings. In fact, this point is what women always write as the trait they want to change about a man.  Heathclife: moody (check), prideful (check) – when we know how they are, why do we like this so much. We presume that they will change when they are living with us.

Novels and romance movies always show  that every women needs a man.

Yes, I am arguing that too many romance novels feel the need to bring these stereotypes of what a women wants. To all those that have found their happily ever after through this… great! My argument is that whatever we search for in this life, should be for our own pleasure. Do not let anyone tell you the way you have lived is unsatisfactory.

If you want to live for the rest of your life with 9 cats, who am I to say that you never had the time of your life? Make your own choice, remember this is your life.

P.S. This is my word of advice to my readers:  live like a machine controlled by societies expectations of what is right and wrong. Just kidding.  Appreciate what you have and find happiness in what is important to you!  Search for the love of your life through your own set of expectations! 


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