Mending a Broken Heart: The One That Got Away


 We know they are bad for us, but we choose to see the best in people.  

Heartbreak. The topic that everyone dreads; the word that leaves a sour taste in our mouth but, I have got to break the ice and admit that it is not always all bad. Heartbreak is like that brain freeze moment when you cannot think… do …. feel anything. However, my point is that this symptom is short term, when that blood starts circulating in our brain again, we know that everything will work out for the better.  Stay positive 😀

First of all, I get this weird feeling that every girl out there has their Ben and Jerry’s ready in the refrigerator waiting for the ones we trust, to break our heart. I found this interesting that we always choose the wrong man, I was listening to Shawn Mendez, Treat You Better and realized, in that moment, that we should not accept anything less than what we feel we deserve. To all those girls out there, vow that you will love again, but with someone better for you! Okay. Rant Over.

The Heartbreak Moment that Leaves you Feeling All Grown Up.

      1.We only realize how much we actually suffered in that relationship.

Leave that toxic relationship that stops you from growing and becoming yourself. Likely chance is that the end of the relationship was because of a difference in the way you wanted to live your life. The truth may have been the reason that you feel that you can’t live without them is because you were not compromising, but letting them control your actions. You have been hypnotized and finally are free to do what you want. No suffering was a singular event and it was never the cause of one thing. But, we kept ignoring them heeding calls earlier on that they were not the ONE.

You grow to learn to never justify to let them walk away and come back in your life as though nothing happened.

      2. Freedom 

Freedom to you is a scary thing and today, you going you learn to move out of your comfort zone. You do not want to trust again and there is no need to rush towards getting a ‘rebound’ when you have not even processed what has happened.

Not everyone you loose is a loss, but in fact you will not realise that, it was actually a blessing in disguise. Put that Ben and Jerrys back in that refrigerator- just like you going to stop focusing on HIM.  Focus on the ones that are here, right now. Your family. Your friends. Even your dog!

Your life was brighter than his little presence. He did not make you who you are today. Take a break from your normal routine and start exploring what the world has to offer. Go out and travel with your friends.

   3. Self-adequacy 

Never. Ever. Blame yourself that you were not good enough for them. If they gave you a reason, then you do not need to change that. Because someone out there will accept you for exactly who you are. No self-harming. No feeling that you are ‘too fat’ and need to loose weight.  There is nothing wrong with making healthy choices, but they should be made on your own accord.

“Once we realize the beauty of yourself, you will only keep those around you that cherish you just as much.”

This is true because you cannot please everyone and I’d much rather be happy than, live a life full of always having to prove myself.

PS. I will be posting a lot more frequently. Stay strong and be positive, my beautiful readers! If you have anything that you want me to talk about, let me know in the comments below!

If you have a chance, check this out: this is the reasons why we are left with a heartbreak when we are choosing the wrong person in our life.

♥ Are we really searching for something that can never be found? ♥


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