Fairy Tales Happily Ever After Do Not Existg

You all are probably assuming that I live in some fantasy land, where I dream for my happily ever after. That is far from the truth. I like the gritty, real truth that happily ever after does not exist. If you disagree ( put your hands to your eyes) because you are not going to be happy.

The first women to ever explicitly make me realize this was Elizabeth Gaskell.

She playfully reworks all them fairy tales that we have watched all our life.

1. Bluebeard, is someone that we all hate (rightfully so) since he was notoriously known for killing his wives. Gaskell shows the sole survivor of his madness is now living with her hero. Through time and age, that passionate romance has disappeared as she is no longer content with her ugly ‘henpecked gentlemen.’

This is the real life response as everyone has a strong reaction when it comes to love. In response, she feels this trigger of sadness and regret of ‘falling on the short end of the stick.’  This in fact, leaves her imagining her ex-husband as someone that ‘swept her off her feet.’ Ironically, this reveals how we cannot control our emotions and tend to forget the reality of what ourtuation was with your ex.

2. Sleeping Beauty. Okay she is beautiful and everything that everyone wants, right? She has the looks, the beauty – but would she be the amazing life partner that you would rather be with than alone. I think not. Prince Phillip is going to have to carry all the weight of the relationship. How embarrassing would it be when Aurora stops listening to you and midway falls asleep. Oops.

I guess you get the point that Gaskell is making. That in ‘Curious, If True’ is about suggesting that the real world love cannot be compared to fiction. They are a different matter as fiction will only provide the sensational version.

Happily ever after does not exist because the challenge lies in maintaining love with the obstacles of life. Our lives start after ‘happily ever after’ and that is where the real struggle begins.

“We have been together too long for romance”

“She wants something that I cannot give. Her expectations are too high.”

“We fell out of love. It just was never meant to be.”

” I know I deserve better than he is treating me.”


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